Maintaining an Electric Generator

generator_maintenance_kitWhether you have used your generator on multiple occasions, or it’s  been running for several days straight due to a prolonged power-outage, it’s going to need a little tender loving care.

When your generator runs around the clock, it takes a tremendous toll. To make sure your generator remains up for the task of powering your home in times of need, you’ll have to maintain it.

Portable generators are relatively easy to remember because you have to top off the fuel periodically, whereas standby generators are more likely to be forgotten about since they’re hooked up to the gas line of your home.

So when your portable generator has been running a while (approximately 100 hours), you’ll need to change the oil, replace the oil filter, and replace the old spark plugs and air filter.

You may think it seems unnecessary to do this every 100 hours because your car can go so much longer between oil changes, but unlike your car, a portable generator is air-cooled.

Air cooled engines need more frequent oil changes than liquid-cooled engines like the one in your car. When the oil gets low, you run the risk of burning up the engine. However, generators today are equipped with low oil shutdowns that are in place to keep the engine from burning up.

Because of this, a lot of people think their generator has failed them. But the painful truth is that they have failed their generator. If your standby generator turns off and stops working, check the oil.


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