The Importance of Load Shedding

product_8470_500load shed kit is recommended for those who have multiple standard central AC systems that may run simultaneously.

The reason is that during summer months, both air conditioners may be running at the same time. And if you’re not home when the power goes out, the generator could overload due to the two air conditioner units kicking on simultaneously.

For example, an individual 5-Ton AC unit can require anywhere from 70-90+ amps to start up. When there are two, they could easily require 140-180+ amps to start both AC units at the same time.

A 20kW generator has a maximum amperage output of 145 amps, which is not enough to handle the multiple AC units along with any additional items in the home that may need to power on such as your refrigerator which can require an additional 20 amps.

The load shed kit will delay the start of the AC units when the generator initially starts. Then, it will prevent the AC units from starting at the same time.

After a short period of time, it will allow the AC units to turn back on, one at a time, which helps prevent the generator from overloading. The load shed kit can also lock out one of the AC systems to prevent the generator from overloading.

The use of the load shed kit also helps to extend the life of the generator by preventing enormous starting loads from overworking it.


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