Human Powered Cell Phone Chargers?


Dr. Zong Lin Wang’s prototype of a human-powered portable backpack generator designed to revolutionize the way we charge electronic devices.

There are more cellphones and tablets on the planet than there are people!

And you know just how terrifying it is to be without your smart phone.

The massive amount of electricity used to power the millions of cell phone and tablet devices  in the United States alone depletes non-renewable energy sources.

If you can, why not give the environment a break while saving yourself the trouble of finding an outlet while you’re playing Angry Birds?

Scientist Zhong Lin Wang and his team of researchers have created a lightweight backpack generator that runs entirely off of the movement of your own body.

Using a process known as the triboelectrification effect, Wang has found a way to generate electricity by utilizing the side-to-side movement created by walking.

What sets Wang’s creation apart is the addition of highly charged nanomaterials which he uses to maximize the contact created between two surfaces. This small addition raises the energy output of Wang’s generator, which he calls the triboelectric nanogenerator (TENG).

Wang’s TENG matches the efficiency of an electromagnetic generator, but it’s smaller and lighter-weight than any other mechanically operated electric generators.

While they’re not available to strap on and plug into yet, researchers are looking at these gas-free portable generators as transportable, clean energy “chargers on the go” that may be fully developed in the not-so-distant future.


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