How to Stay Warm in Winter Storm Nika


Winter storm Nika has wiped out power for more than 1 million.

After covering half of the country in either snow, ice, or a “wintery mix,” many areas along the north-east coast of the United States have endured severe ice accumulation and power outages.

During a time when temperatures are very cold, power outages pose a serious problem. This means no heat and no lights.

A lot of people are searching for generators, which means locally sold generators may sell out quickly. If you are searching for a generator, and your local stores are all sold out of portable emergency generators, you can still get one through Electric Generators Direct.

Electric Generators Direct stocks a large number of portable emergency generators and portable professional generators/contractor generators for situations just like this to ensure people in need can obtain one. Just be sure to never run the generator inside your home or garage. Be safe!

We can ship them out quickly to help get your home warmed and lit sooner, and we have experts like myself available to answer any questions you may have.

Call:  1 (800) 800-3317


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