Connecting a Portable Generator to Your House

Portable generators are incredibly useful during power outages. They are practically essential for those in areas where power outages are prevalent.

The simplest way to power the essentials from your portable generator is to run heavy-duty extension cords from the generator to each appliance you need to power.

Some people, however, wish to run the power directly into their house. If you wish to do this, never  plug your generator directly into a wall socket to feed power into your house’s power lines. This is extremely dangerous and illegal!

To connect your portable generator into your house’s power lines, hire a professional qualified electrician and have him install a transfer switch. You then plug your generator into the transfer switch, which routes the electricity through a specific circuit breaker box and isolates the outside lines from the electricity that your generator is producing.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

where_not_to_put_a_generatorWhen you’re ready to use your generator, make absolutely certain that your generator is located outside about 20+ feet from your home. Make certain that it’s not near any windows, doors, or vents. Generators make more than electricity, they also produce high levels of carbon monoxide, which is extremely deadly when concentrated.

Even running a generator near a closed door or window can be very dangerous, as the carbon monoxide can still seep in. Do not run a generator in a basement or a garage either, as this will allow large amounts of carbon monoxide to build up in your home.

If you experience any signs or symptoms at all of carbon monoxide poisoning, get to fresh air immediately and  call for help.


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