Winter Blackout Preparation

Be sure you’re prepared for a winter storm blackout. With temperatures dropping to dangerous lows, it could be very detrimental to have no power in a storm. Unless you want to be using just sweaters and blankets to stay warm, you should consider investing in a portable or home-standby generator.

A portable generator can help keep your furnace, hot water heater, and a few other essential electronics up and going. Imagine being stuck using blankets and sweaters to stay warm in sub-zero temperatures. Imagine also, having to take cold showers and stepping out into a sub-zero house. If you work from home, your sole source of income will be closed until further notice.

Emergency portable generators will enable you to take hot showers, keep the heat running, preserve the food in your refrigerator and freezer, and even keep your home office operating.

However, in addition to having an electric generator on hand, you should also prepare in these other ways to ensure you’re not left scrambling or suffering in an unexpected and unfortunate situation.



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