How to Keep Your Generator Dry and Operable.



If you’re worried about a power outage, chances are your generator is worried about bad weather.

It’s a good idea to keep your generator dry and clean while operating.

If you’ve got a bad storm moving through your area, but you want your generator to stay dry and operable, try covering it safely with something like a GenTent. GenTents will not only keep them dry and operable, they’ll keep them ventilated. They’re also tough and built to withstand heavy winds and snow.

If you live in a power-loss prone area, it’s important that you have a way to protect your portable generator so you can be sure that you’re ready when the electricity goes out.

These generator covers will keep your electrical outlets dry in all weather types including blizzard and hurricane force precipitation. They don’t block the fresh air intake, and they leave your portable generators fully portable. Another great feature is that the refueling area of your generator is fully accessible while still protected and kept dry (even while you’re refueling).

You can find one to fit your generator now by shopping the GenTent section of Electric Generators Direct.


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