Give Your Generator a Solid Foundation

Generator Foundation

While your generator likely has a composite pad to protect the bottom of the generator, you still need to make sure your generator is rested on a solid foundation. Even if the ground is flat and level, the weight of the generator can compress the soft ground beneath it, causing the generator to become imbalanced.

All generators require a solid base, and concrete is the best material to use. If poured correctly, concrete will typically not settle into the ground at all. This means you’ll have a flat, level surface for years to come.

As always, make sure your generator is being placed far enough away from your home to avoid letting any carbon monoxide seep in. Carbon monoxide is a very dangerous and deadly fume, and it can seep in through vents, windows, doors, and other openings in the side of your home. It’s odorless, so you likely wouldn’t even notice it until it’s too late.

Be sure that you take the proper distance into consideration when pouring your generator foundation, as this will determine where your standby generator will be when it’s in use.


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