How to Open Your New Generac Home Standby Generator

Generac Guardian 6244

Generac Guardian 6244

How exciting to receive your new Generac Home Standby system and know that you and your family will be in good hands when power fails.

Okay, so you received the unit. Once you finished opening the packaging, you probably grabbed the keys from the side circuit breaker compartment on the unit, stuck the key in, and it didn’t turn. You tried and tried, but you couldn’t get the key to turn. You are worried that if you try again the key will break. Now you’re frustrated, right?

No need to worry, because there is a simple way to get the unit open without having to call a Generac technician or locksmith.

To properly open the lid, press down on the lid above the side lock and turn the key. You’ll notice that the latch releases. You will need to repeat this step for the other side. If you do not apply pressure from the top of the lid, it will appear to be stuck.  (NOTE: Always verify that the side locks are unlocked before lifting the lid)

Once you get the lid open you will need to remove the front panel by lifting straight up which allows access to the engine and battery compartment. All of the generator accessories are found in the battery compartment along with the owner’s manual and installation manual

You will want to make sure you verify that you have received all of the accessories by checking the accessories list found in the owner’s manual.

If by some chance you lose your owner’s manual, you can always access all of the manuals by going to the Generac Product Manual Search option. You can then use the generator’s serial number to pull up all of the correct manuals and diagrams for your specific generator.

Find Your Generac Generator Manual by Clicking Here!


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