Meet The Direct Family!

So you know about Electric Generators Direct, but allow me to introduce the rest of the Direct family.

Air Compressors Direct – Giving air molecules strength in numbers.

Chippers Direct – Turning those pesky tree branches into mulch with ease.

Chain Saws Direct – Carving totem poles with speed.

Electric Generators Direct – Making neighbors jealous during power outages.

Leaf Blowers Direct – Helping grown men enjoy football season between games.

Log Splitters Direct – Giving you a darn good reason to bury the hatchet.

Mowers Direct – For when your lawn needs a haircut.

Pressure Washers Direct – Helping you clean those spider webs off the fascia, and the grime off your walkway.

Snow Blowers Direct – Do you really want to shovel?

Sump Pumps Direct – Because basements are better off dry.

String Trimmers Direct – Don’t let weeds ruin your holiday!

Tillers Direct – For those who enjoy tillin’ like a villain.

Water Pumps Direct


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