Welcome to My New Blog!

Jim Baugher

Hi, I’m Jim. I’m a generator expert for Electric Generators Direct, an online retailer of the top brands of generators.

If you’re in need of a generator but don’t know what kind, you’ll want to contact me for guidance, or do plenty of reading first so you know what kind of generator is right for you.

There are plenty of styles, but no one  generator is universal. Portable generators are less expensive, and they work well for tailgating or powering a couple of small appliances or lights during a short power outage; however, they’re not powerful enough to handle several major appliances for an extended amount of time.

In the same respect, a large stand-by generator is great for powering the majority of appliances in your home during an extended power outage after a storm, but is not designed to be taken with you for tailgating or camping.

I hope to provide you some insight with my blog articles, and if you should have any questions that aren’t answered here, feel free to call me during business hours Monday-Saturday at (866) 437-7998.


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